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Learn from our videos in a beautiful way...

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Barriers are broken down

  • traditional techniques will give way to musical transformation.
    New rhythms emerge as Cuban and African sounds merge to create a unique melody...

    You will feel the stirring sound of the drums -
    The roots will never be forgotten...

  • Discover all the possibilities

    • Learn to play with Bobani by video


      Learn from the master himself!

      As a worldwide known and successful musician, Rolando offers you here exclusively, with his videos the opportunity to learn the wonderful technique of Bobani music in the shortest possible time.

      Rousing Afro-Cuban rhythms, some still unknown like "Simalé", "Yécun", "Guachá", "Guasón" and various "Picadillos" will animate and inspire you!bobani-music-musicians

      "We have to study, inform ourselves and keep our roots alive because Cuba and its music continue to be a great inspiration to the world and always will be..."

      • sign francisco redana lara


    • Download wonderful Bobani music


      We have the latest CD by Jesus Fuentes ready for you to download in our store.
      Don't miss out on these magical Cuban sounds!

      bobani-music-logoto the music download

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      Wonderful Bobani drums for sale!

      Bobani® Music was born out of love for music and passion for making percussion instruments.
      Only the best woods are selected for our instruments.
      Each instrument is handcrafted and sustainably made with the utmost respect for nature and the environment.

Our videos:


Composed by Leo Moré
Length: 4:01 - Price: € 14.99


Composed by Leo Moré.
Length: 2:49 - Price: € 14.99


Composed by the Pacho orchestra.
Length: 4:10 - Price: € 14.99


Composed by Los Bocucos.
Length: 3:37 - Price: € 14.99

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