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Learn to play with Bobani by video

What better way to learn how to play percussion than from one of the greatest masters of his craft himself?

. In all our videos, ROLANDO SALGADO PALACIO and his band show in step-by-step instructions the perfect handling of the percussion and in some cases even completely new - previously unpublished - sequences.

Learning with videos

is becoming increasingly popular because it is so easy.
With "do it yourself" videos from Youtube, Vimeo and many other channels, it has become an integral part of our everyday lives, simply because it works.

Each of our videos contains special files with *language translations, so you can stop it at any time and repeat a passage.

Be surprised and inspired by how easy digital learning can be and how much fun it will be to see your skills increase.

*(Language translations refer to the language in which you purchase the video).

Special Price Offers

if you want to try several videos at once - you can find several interesting offers for this on our home page right away.

Now we wish you much joy with Rolando and his band!

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Our videos:


Ursprungsland: Guantánamo

Creado en Guantánamo

Created in Guantánamo

Length: 4:37 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Miguel Faílden

Creado por Miguel Faílden

Created by Miguel Faílden

Length: 4:01 - Price: € 11.99

"La Original de Manzanillo"

Gespielt von Juvencio Guerrero

Interpretado por Juvencio Guerrero

Perform by Juvencio Guerrero

Length: 3:29 - Price: € 11.99

Son Montuno

Ursprung: Der Osten Kubas.

Creado en la parte oriental de Cuba

Created in the eastern part of Cuba

Length: 1:58 - Price: € 9.99

“Conjunto Chapotín”

Komponiert von Félix Chapotín

Creado por Félix Chapotín

Created by Félix Chapotín

Length: 1:42 - Price: € 9.99

“Estrellas de Chocolate”

Komp. v. Albertini und Palomares

Creado por Albertini und Palomares

Created by Albertini und Palomares

Length: 2:39 - Price: € 9.99


Gespielt für Orishas Yoruba.

Interpretado para los Orishas Yoruba.

Perform to Orishas Yoruba.

Length: 8:20 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Pacho Alonso.

Creado por Pacho Alonso.

Created by Pacho Alonso

Length: 3:56 - Price: € 9.99


Komp. v. Pedro Izquierdo Padrón.

Creado por Pedro Izquierdo Padrón.

Created by Pedro Izquierdo Padrón.

Length: 8:22 - Price: € 11.99

Papa Cun Cun

Komponiert von Evaristo Aparicio.

Creado por Evaristo Aparicio.

Created by Evaristo Aparicio.

Length: 2:17 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Leo Moré.

Creado por Leo Moré.

Created by Leo Moré.

Length: 4:01 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Leo Moré.

Creado por Leo Moré.

Created by Leo Moré.

Length: 2:49 - Price: € 14.99


Kom. v. dem Orchester Pacho.

Creado por la orquesta de Pacho.

Created by Pacho´s orchestra.

Length: 4:10 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Los Bocucos.

Creado por Los Bocucos.

Created by Los Bocucos.

Length: 3:37 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Jorge Alfonso.

Creado por Jorge Alfonso.

Created by Jorge Alfonso.

Length: 12:29 - Price: € 14.99

“Reyes 73”

Entstanden durch Santiago Reyes.

Creado por Santiago Reyes.

Created by Santiago Reyes.

Length: 1:43 - Price: € 9.99


Erschaffen von Ricardo Ferro.

Creado por Ricardo Ferro.

Created by Ricardo Ferro.

Length: 7:38 - Price: € 11.99

“Ritmo Oriental”

Komponiert von Elio Revé.

Creado por Elio Revé.

Created by Elio Revé.

Length: 5:41 - Price: € 11.99

Conga Santiaguera

Ursprung: Santiago de Cuba.

Creada en Santiago de Cuba.

Created in Santiago de Cuba.

Length: 6:20 - Price: € 14.99

Conga Manzanillera

Urspung: Manzanillo.

Creada en Manzanillo.

Created in Manzanillo.

Length: 4:53 - Price: € 14.99


Komponiert von Francisco Galán.

Creado por Francisco Galán.

Created by Francisco Galán.

Length: 1:49 - Price: € 14.99


Ursprung: La Habana and Matanzas.

Creado en La Habana and Matanzas.

Created in La Habana and Matanzas.

Length: 6:27 - Price: € 11.99

“Jazz Latin”

Stammt von Jazz Afrocubano.

Proviene del Jazz Afrocubano.

Comes from Jazz Afrocubano.

Length: 8:50 - Price: € 14.99


Von jungen Musikern aus Kuba.

Por jóvenes músicos Cubanos.

From young musicians from Cuba.

Length: 9:47 - Price: € 11.99

We are delighted from the bottom of our hearts

To be able to present you such internationally renowned and successful artists on our platform.

For questions and suggestions, we are always happy to help!

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